7 Best Yoga Poses to Improve Posture and Look Taller

Yoga can provide a multitude of benefits, including improved posture and better flexibility. (Image via Unsplash/Zen Bear Yoga)

Yoga poses and asana are ancient practices that provide a multitude of benefits, such as improving physical health and mental well-being, enhancing flexibility, improving posture and more. Yoga poses are a good bet for various physical issues, including poor posture.

Posture problems are often caused by staying hunched over laptops or working for long periods. Prolonged long posture can cause multiple problems, such as back pain, compromised vertebrae alignment, poor circulation, fatigue, poor digestion and more. That can result in constriction and improper compression of the spine over time.

Yoga Poses to Improve Posture and Look Taller

We have rounded up a list of the seven best yoga poses that can help improve your posture and make you look taller.

These poses will help with any alignment correction and improve posture by counteracting your slouching. While you may not grow taller, improved posture will make you look taller and more confident. So, let’s get started:

1) Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is one of the best yoga poses to improve posture and look taller, as it increases body awareness. Increased body awareness corrects muscle imbalance in the body and enhances alignment, which reduces the chances of injury. That can lead to better posture and body coordination.

Mountain pose also provides a plethora of other benefits, such as boosting blood circulation and relieving sciatic pain. This pose also tones the core muscles of the body and strengthens the legs, back and hips.

2) Tiger Pose

The Tiger pose is one of the great yoga poses to improve posture and look taller by stretching the spine and back muscles. That helps in strengthening the back muscles along with working on the spinal cord.

Additionally, the tiger pose can effectively stimulate the reproductive, lymphatic, and nervous system. You can also effectively torch fat and burn calories by regularly doing this yoga pose.

3) Shoulderstand

The shoulder stand is considered an advanced yoga pose that helps improve posture and look taller by stretching your neck and shoulder muscles. That helps in relieving the tension and stress from the back of your body and leave you feeling more refreshed.

The shoulder stand is comparatively an advanced yoga pose that can also improve the process of digestion along with reducing fatigue and alleviating symptoms of insomnia. Regularly doing the shoulder stand can tone your buttocks and legs as well as enhance overall balance and body flexibility.

4) Wide Legged Bend

The wide legged bend is one of the most effective yoga poses to help you to improve posture and look taller by efficiently working on the back of your body. This yoga pose efficiently stretches your back, shoulders, spine, chest and thighs. It also enables you to release tension from the upper body and feel more relaxed.

Wide legged bending is a calming pose that helps relieve mild backaches and toning the abdominal region. Considering the benefits of this yoga pose, you should include it in your daily routine.

5) Revolved Chair Pose

The Revolved Chair Pose can enable you to improve your posture and look taller by working on several muscle groups in the body. This pose effectively strengthens your lower back, ankles, glutes, calves and thighs along with opening up your upper back, chest and shoulders. The movement of this yoga pose can counteract slouching along with increasing the range of motion of joints.

The revolved chair pose is one of the decent yoga poses to improve body alignment and awareness. Furthermore, it can relieve stiffness in your neck, spine, and shoulders by stretching and strengthening your upper body.

6) Cow Face Pose

The cow face pose is some of the dynamic yoga poses to your routine if you want to improve your posture and look taller.

This pose can help in decompressing the spine as well as effectively stretch the arms, ankles, shoulders, hips, thighs and chest. The dynamic stretch movement of this pose can enable you to counteract the negative impact of prolonged hunching and slouching.

The cow face is also a good yoga pose to relieve the pain of sciatica and high blood pressure.

7) Wheel Pose

Besides helping improve your posture and making you look taller, the wheel pose can enhance spinal flexibility along with strengthening both the upper and lower body.

This pose is often considered energy-boosting, as it massages the internal organs and enhances the respiratory process. Regularly doing the wheel pose can significantly enhance body flexibility and balance.



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