Herbal specialist Katie DuBridge embraces being the weird lady at the Big Rapids Farmers’ Market

Herbal specialist Katie DuBridge embraces being the weird lady at the Big Rapids Farmers' Market

BIG RAPIDS — For years, Katie DuBridge has been the weird lady at the market.

Katie DuBridge started Earth Weavers Farm when she moved back to Michigan and has been selling at the market for years since. Selling both produce and medicinal herbs, DuBridge has made a reputation for herself as the weird lady who brings teas that can help people.

DuBridge explained that she first started learning about herbal medicine as a child. Being very ill, she found that allopathic (conventional medicine prescribed by healthcare professionals) wasn’t providing her with the healing that she needed. So, in middle school she took it upon herself to learn her diet and how herbs could help heal herself.

“I just got a really big passion of wanting to learn more about how to grow and cultivate good food and good medicine. I’ve gone back and forth between farming, and then also I worked wilderness therapy and worked with teenagers. I did a lot of partial farms, partial let’s get out and reconnect with nature. We learned survival skills by playing in the woods and whatnot, and then also like playing in the gardens and learning how to grow and cultivate food and medicine.”

DuBridge said they grow and cultivate 65 different culinary and medicinal herbs. These herbs are then dried and put into a medicinal form such as oil, alcohol-based tincture, and teas. Alongside this they are working to make a freeze dry powder.

“We’re trying to be able to provide plant-based medicines for people because some people can’t do the alcohol, or whatnot. And so, then we try and provide the herbs and other forms of whatever.”

Some of the herbs are for pain management, while some are good antifungal medicines that kill athletes foot. Some are antimicrobial and antibacterial so it can help clean skin and acne. Many of the herbs are planted with the produce and can help raise the body’s pH levels.

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