Quad Webb Talks Raising Her Brother’s Son on Married to Medicine

Quad Webb Talks Raising Her Brother's Son on Married to Medicine

Miss Quad…she got it…she got it!

What does Miss Quad have? The floor, every Sunday at 9 pm on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine,” alongside veteran cast mates Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, Toya Bush-Harris, and Anila Sajja. Joining the group this year is new friend Audra Frimpong.

Since the inception of “Married to Medicine” in 2013, Quad has made a name for herself as a quick-witted, genuine mainstay on one of Bravo’s longest running shows. Nine seasons later, Quad is still giving the same energy she had at the start of the show.

TODAY chatted with Quad about what’s happened, and what’s to come for Season Nine.

Quad shared the experience of joining the show after a season off

As an OG on “Married to Medicine” since Season One, Quad took a step back last year, but remained on the show as a friend. For Quad, the experience was “a bit of a breather,” and a move she sees now as a “blessing in disguise.”

Quad explained that the teams behind the show wanted her back as well, as they said: “The people were very fast learners.”

Now back to the show as a full-time castmate, Quad said this season offers viewers the chance to see her “in totality.”

“You know that I’m funny, you know that I’m witty, you know that if you bring the drama, I’m gonna snatch it and run with it, and you don’t wish that you didn’t do it . I also think this season gives the viewers an opportunity to just see how I love and I care for my family as the matriarch of my family. I think it definitely displays strength” Quad continued.

Why she shared her her family story on TV

In December 2020, Quad lost her brother Quentina tragedy that Quad said was “very difficult.”

Quad has taken on a maternal role with Quentin’s son, Mason. The six-year-old now lives with her, as does her mom Mary.

On the show, viewers see Quad and her mother talking to Mason about Quentin, and Quad expressing her love for her family and desire to build the best life possible for her loved ones.

“We miss my brother tremendously, but I’m very happy to step up in his absence, to be there for my nephew and my nieces because he has two other other daughters. One has recently graduated and went to college, top of her class , just doing an amazing job, and it’s just really good to be involved in that,” Quad said of taking on a heightened role in Quentin’s kids lives.

Quad talks Season 9 drama

With one of the longest running OG casts in reality television, it’s no secret that the ladies of “Married to Medicine” know each other well and have genuine bonds. Quad calls herself a “peacemaker,” and a “diplomatic person,” but is “no nonsense” and “has a low tolerance for b——-.”

During the latest episode of “Married to Medicine,” the ladies staged an intervention for Dr. Heavenly about the takes about her costars she shares on her YouTube channel. Dr. Heavenly’s main opponent was Dr. Contessa, who was upset with Dr. Heavenly for her comments about her marital issues.

Dr. Contessa’s marital challenges are no secret, as they were discussed during the last season of the show, especially during the reunion, in which Quad revealed that Dr. Contessa filed for legal separation. In an interview with TODAYDr. Heavenly said that, to her, Dr. Contessa’s issues are “definitely not because of my vlog.”

In the latest episode, Quad showcased her peacemaker side and said that Dr. Contessa’s thoughts were valid, but she didn’t agree with the way that the group went about the intervention.

Quad told TODAY, “I see both sides, I really do. I feel like as a friend, you don’t go out into the world and say negative things about your friends. I do think that if you have an issue with a friend, it is best to pick up the phone and have that conversation with a friend.”

“If you’re trying to get to the core of why someone is doing something, you don’t ambush them, you don’t get with their enemies and say we’re going to conduct an intervention because first of all, that person is not going to be receptive. You’re dealing with my enemies. You’re bringing my enemies to me to confront me about something. I knew that Heavenly was going to flee,” Quad continued.

As to why she thinks Dr. Heavenly gets herself into trouble? Quad said, “She’s definitely trying to be funny, and taking those type of jabs at people to her may be funny, because she’ll say, ‘Oh, it was just a joke.’ Well, it may have been a joke or funny to you, but it’s not a joke to the person that you’re talking about.”

Quad said that the feud between Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Contessa is “going to get pretty explosive,” but that there are also good times ahead, notably on the cast trip to Las Vegas.

Quad said the trip was “amazing,” and for the first time since the inception of the show, she felt she was able to truly enjoy the trip.

Married to Medicine - Season 7
MARRIED TO MEDICINE — Pictured: (lr) Quad Webb, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes — (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)Steve Dietl/Bravo

“For me, this time I felt like all the ladies really just say let’s have a great time, we’re in Vegas — and they lived like they were in Vegas. I had a damn good time and it was good to really enjoy it ,” she said.

Another unique turn to this season is the inclusion of friend Kari Wells, who was on the original cast of “Married to Medicine.” Quad said Kari “brings a different dynamic to the show,” which she enjoys.

Quad said, “This season, Kari and I had an opportunity to talk and get to know each other because honestly, I didn’t know Kari before coming onto ‘Married to Medicine.’”

“One thing about Kari, she’s loyal, but she is for what is right. And so if you’re doing something that is wrong, that is below the belt or something that is putting other people’s family in jeopardy, she’s not gonna go for that and she’s gonna say exactly what she knows. I very much respect her for that,” Quad continued.Quad addresses the physical altercation teased in the trailer

Tea Season Nine trailer previews a physical altercation between newbie Audra and Toya. Quad teased the feud to come between the pair, and said, “All I can tell you is, Toya, you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

Quad spoke to the origins of the feud to come.

“You keep poking a bear? What do you think the bear is gonna do? Snatch your head off.”

“You will see throughout the season that Toya continuously throws jabs at Audra just for no reason, like literally no reason. Audra is constantly trying to turn the other cheek, ignore, be polite, like Toya even went so far to say that she was a bad attorney. It was very negative. That was pretty much damning to the girl’s career,” Quad explained.

“I think Audra just got fed up. You keep poking a bear? What do you think the bear is gonna do? Snatch your head off,” Quad said.

Quad said Audra brings “fresh energy” to the show. “I think Audra offers that youthfulness. She’s very intelligent, she’s an attorney, but she doesn’t take herself so seriously. She lets her hair down and really has a really good time,” Quad said.

Married to Medicine - Season 6
Simone Whitmore, Quad Webb, Contessa Metcalfe.Annette Brown/Bravo

Quad answers rapid fire questions about Season 9

Quad dishes on her cast mates and what is to come

  • On who causes the most drama: Dr. Heavenly
  • On who has the best storyline: Quad
  • On who wants the best storyline: Toya
  • On who has the best confessionals: Quad
  • On who surprises her the most: Anila
  • On who has the best fashion: Quad
  • On who challenges her the most: No one. Quad said, “It’s very difficult to challenge the professor when you’re a student. It’s very difficult.”
  • On who throws the best events: Quad
  • On who brings the most receipts: Quad
  • On who she has the most fun with: Anila
  • On her real friends on the cast: Dr. Heavenly, Dr. Jackie, Anila, Audra, Dr. Contessa
  • On who she would bring back from a past season: Genise Shelton. “I thought she was good. I thought she was beautiful. I thought she was fun, youthful, and fashionable,” Quad said.
  • On what’s to come this season: “We have so much coming for the rest of the season. We got some real deep drama …drama within some marriages, some confessions from some people that are in the marriage. We have some scandals, some lies that’s gonna roll through there. We have some excitement. We have some fun. We have some real misunderstandings. Ultimately, this season is the best season yet. This show I think no one’s gonna be able to just take their eyes off the screen. This is a very addictive season,” Quad explained.

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