Want To Live Your Best Life? You Need This Essential Building Block | Stephen Almada


The concept of “living your best life“has captured our attention. It conjures up ideals of living the fulfilling and satisfying life for which we all dream.

However, the pandemic has shattered many of those dreams and the recent report on stress in america tells us war, inflation, and money issues are increasing stress levels and contributing to an alarming increase in inactivity, unhealthy eating, and poor sleep. Consequently, physical, mental, and emotional health problems are on the rise as the body has become Ground Zero for the stress of our time.

Caring for the life within our body is thus an essential first step to living life at its best. And exercise, consuming healthy food, and taking the boon of sleep are essential to ensuring your body is living its best life so you can live your best life.

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The Best of Life Within You

Perhaps like most people, your greatest fear is not death but rather the dreaded spectrum of age-related declines in physical health; the onset of chronic illnesses and pains; the inability to get around; developing dementia, and becoming completely dependent upon others.

These age-related declines naturally result from a gradual depletion of the power reserve of our vital organs (eg, kidneys, liver, heart, brain). Although every organ builds up a power reserve exceeding what it needs to function under normal conditions, exposure to prolonged stress accelerates the rate of depletion and puts our organs at risk of being severely damaged.



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