What is a Robern medicine cabinet?

What is a Robern medicine cabinet?

“What is a Robert medicine cabinet?” is not a question I thought I’d ever ask, mainly because, until recently, I had no idea what one was. But, since I decided to renovate the bathroom in my pre-war co-op apartment in New York, I’ve learned many new things. I never would have guessed that picking out, ordering, and coordinating the delivery of all the fixtures and supplies would be so time-consuming and stressful.

I hired a company that provides a “full service” renovation package which includes interior design and advice on material and component selection. My project manager took me to a beautiful plumbing fixture showroom. I found lots of wonderful things, including a $770 medicine cabinet by a brand called Robern. Not having ever purchased a medicine cabinet before, I’d never heard of Robern and I was quite surprised at the price tag (part of this is that I have expensive taste, something I’ve often had to reign in).

What is a Robern medicine cabinet?

So before committing to the purchase of what, to me, was an expensive cabinet, I did some research. Robern cabinets definitely have the reputation of being well made and thoughtfully designed. There are a few different kinds or “series” of Robern medicine cabinets (kind of like BMW’s). Depending on the style, the cost ranges anywhere from around $200 all the way up to $3000 or more.

One thing every cabinet Robert makes is three mirrors: one on the outside of the door, one on the inside of the door, and one on the inside of the cabinet itself – which is pretty ingenious while also being one of those features you never knew you needed. The hinges are slow to close meaning the door won’t accidentally slam shut.

The glass doors are available with beveled or polished edge mirrors, soft close hinges on either the left or right side (you chose), electrical options, and even integrated lighting in some instances. Many are modular so you can attach three or more together to create a giant mirror cabinet in a master bath.

I decided to go ahead and buy one for my bathroom; not the $770 one but a slightly more reasonably priced one of $480 in the R3 series. The cabinet arrived very well packed and in perfect condition. It’s sturdy and well-made, definitely steps up from my old one. At 20” wide by 24” high it’s larger than the one I’m replacing which I like as it makes my small 30-square foot bathroom seem bigger. I’m not sure I’d ever be in a position to afford a medicine cabinet that cost more than $1000 but I can say that the $480 one I did buy was worth it: it’s a really beautiful thing.

Robert R3 Series

The R3 series medicine cabinets are designed to make it easy to replace older medicine cabinets found in homes like mine (where the fixtures probably date back to the 1980s or 1990s). They come in widths from 16” to 24” and heights from 20” to 36” with a depth of 4”.

I bought one of the R series cabinets with a cutout slightly larger than what is already in my bathroom since there wasn’t a size that was an exact match. I figured it’s easier to make a hole bigger than smaller. A cutout is the part of the cabinet recessed into the wall – not all medicine cabinets are installed like this but many of them are.

While this particular series lacks most of the fancier features in many other Robern models, if all you want is a beautifully simple cabinet that goes well in any decor, this is an excellent choice.

Robert PL and PL Portray Series


The PL Portray series includes features like electrical and USB outlets, interior lighting, and an optional attached magnifying mirror. They have magnetic strips to hold things like nail clippers and tweezers. They’re also modular if you want to connect more than one together. The PL offers the same options minus the USB outlet and interior lighting.

They range in size from 11 ¼” to 23 ¼” wide and 20” to 72” (full length) high. Prices start at about $600 for this series.

Robert M Series

Robern calls its M series cabinets the most diverse they make. They’re loaded with all the same features as the PL series plus a defogger (no more wiping the mirror clear after taking a hot shower), and a night light. They’re available with an arched or flat top in sizes ranging from 11 ¼” to 23 ¼” wide, 30” to 70” high, and 4” to 8” deep.

Robert AiO Lighted Series

Starting at a price of $2,499, these are some of the fanciest cabinets Robert makes. They feature dimmable LED light strips on either side of the glass door as well as audio, interior lighting, USB and electrical outlets, and a magnifying mirror.


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